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Staying Awake for the late-night UFC Main event

Here are AmazingMMA’s 5 best tips for staying awake for the late-night UFC Main event.

Staying Awake for the late-night UFC Main event

1 Staying Awake for the late-night UFC main event is difficult, but with some planning this is easily achievable. One of the most important things in life is diet, and it is no exception when staying awake for the late-night UFC main event. We would suggest eating well during the day by filling up on protein. Avoid easy fix carbs like pizza and foods containing high amounts of sugar, otherwise you will just crash. Try eating some salmon and potatoes, or even a nice steak, and you will be good to go all night. For a quick snack try a mixture of nuts and seeds. Most important of all don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking lots. This means water not beer! If it must be beer then start as late as possible, otherwise it is lights out for you.

2 Being active in general is known to stop tiredness creeping in, so by doing a few squats or lunges every couple of hours will keep you going nicely. You could even knock a few rounds out on the bag.

If you find yourself struggling then extreme measures may need to be taken. Apparently a little pain will wake you right up, so how about a friendly game of mercy with your mates? Or a little light grappling? However, don’t let this get out of hand! We don’t want the main event happening in your best mates living room. His wife just bought that rug and you’re still wearing your shoes!

3 How about a power nap?

power nap to help you stay awake for the UFC main evening

Why not try a power nap like Ronnie O’Sullivan or Betrand Piccard? Some suggest that a quick 20 minute nap can rejuvenate you enough to complete any task that you could normally do after a full 6 hours of sleep. Just look at Pilot Betrand Piccard.

staying awake for the late-night UFC main event with power naps like bertrand piccard

Betrand flew solo around the world in a solar powered plane, flying three days in a row across the Pacific Ocean, by just taking 20 minute naps throughout the day. If he can do that then you can certainly sit on your couch, sipping gently on a whisky and eating your salt and vinegar crisps.

4 Another tip for staying awake for the late-night UFC main event is interacting with people. Interacting  is a proven method of keeping you from nodding off, so why not start a conversation with someone? Those of you who have been partying too much won’t have a problem with this. Some of you however (you know who you are) have too much of a problem, take a breath for god’s sake the prelims are on!!! If you are planning on staying awake for the late-night UFC by yourself and will be watching on your own then maybe call someone, I’m sure they will be only too glad to hear from you at 4.15 in the morning.

5 Having a massive giggle has also been found to keep the sleep out of your eyes. I’m sure if you are watching the UFC with your friends then the fun is well and truly happening. Just in case you are sitting alone in your PJ’s, or you have friends that are as dull as Brexit, Amazing MMA have attached a funny clip of Eddie Murphy below to get those laughing muscles moving and stimulating you throughout the night.

Staying awake for the late-night UFC main event is no mean feat but until the UK gets with it in a big way and we get more big events on our soil, you will have to get better at staying awake.

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UFC Main Event is back and AmazingMMA is here to see you through it.

At AmazingMMA we are not just here to bring you the best MMA Gloves, MMA Shorts, Kickboxing bags and BJJ GI’s we are here to live the MMA life with you.
We want to see you grow into a massive MMA machine, eating the best foods, devouring the best protein, getting the best MMA training advice, watching the best MMA videos and even reading the best books, all so you can defeat every foe before you even lay a glove on them.

Let the journey begin, are you ready? We certainly are!

UFC is back on BT Sport Sunday 31st December.
UFC 219 Cyborg vs Holm

What better way to end the year than to watch two amazing athletes beat each other to a pulp?
Here at AmazingMMA we will be building you up to the fight with a survival pack to help you stay up for the main event.
Check latest posts for this info you won’t want to miss.

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Stop bullying


Stop bullying

Stop bullying with MMA.

How to stop bullying is something that is a major challenge for schools and parents alike.  As a child bullying can consume your entire existence, and you think there is no way to stop the bullying. According to the Annual Bullying Survey 2017 ” 1-in-2 children have experienced bullying, with 1-in-10 having been bullied within the past week. The impacts on health, self-esteem and performance are significant. 36% of those who have been bullied said it made them feel depressed and 1-in-4 turned to self-harm as a coping mechanism”. These days children can’t even get away from it at home with social media and cyber bullying. Bullying can be a terrible thing at school and even after they leave.

How to stop bullying?

MMA can stop bullying by giving your child skills to protect themselves and confidence and self-discipline to rise above. They will be too busy learning Brazil Jui Jitsu techniques to care what someone tagged them in on Facebook. Your child can stop bullying by being more physically fit and therefore in a much stronger position to challenge any bullying. Have you ever heard the sentence “oh that kid that does Muay Thai just got picked on”?  The simple answer is no and you never will. MMA can help your child make friends and break down barriers that may be causing them to be a target.

MMA can even help the bully, “yes help the bully”! No we don’t mean help the bully beat up your child. What we mean is if your child is a bully, MMA will help them channel this energy for good. Most bullies are just trying to show off or have too much energy and need an outlet. MMA is the perfect outlet and promotes team work, positives attitudes and self-discipline. Your child will have fun learning MMA, they will not be moaning about how bored they are in their untidy rooms. They will be out meeting people, learning important life enhancing skills and becoming better people.

Is MMA dangerous for your child?

Firstly, no MMA club is going to put your child in danger, they will learn in a safe and friendly environment. Your local MMA club aims to protect and teach your kids skills so that you will worry less, not more. AmazingMMA would say it is more dangerous not to let you child learn MMA. Kids are too static these days, they spend all their time watching “You tube”, gaming or playing with fidget spinners. To be blunt they have become fat, lazy and unhealthy.

It is vital for children to get active, otherwise the consequences could have dramatic effects on their health. Physical activity and mental acuity go hand in hand, giving the child that studies MMA a better advantage over their peers. Furthermore MMA produces increased concentration and discipline, which will help your child achieve more at school. So whether your child is being bullied, becoming a bully or just needs to get out of gaming all day? MMA can be the perfect solution. Learning mixed martial arts is a combination of all the things your child needs to develop, all under one safe and secure roof. All in all, we only see positives coming out of your child learning MMA.


Should you learn MMA?

We believe MMA is not just for UFC fighters and over-bulked muscle machines, although if you are one, we still love you. We think MMA should be for everyone. MMA is not a new phenomenon it has been around for a very long time. Some say it started life in ancient Greece as a way for armies to practice their martial arts and keep active in times of peace.

This however doesn’t mean you have to be a Greek warrior to learn, trust us it takes all shapes and sizes to make a dojo.  There are many different types of mixed martial arts, so you have a lot to choose from.  Maybe you imagine kicking your way through a lesson in some Muay Thai shorts or grappling with no Gi in shorts and T-shirt. You may fancy yourself as the next Royce Gracie, one of the leading practitioner of Brazilian jiu-jitsu or (Bjj). In the world of MMA there is something for everyone.

Get out of your bubble and get fit with MMA.

One of the main benefits of studying mixed martial arts is that it will get you fit. You will train a number of times per week, working on good cardiovascular and strength exercises to get you in shape and build up your endurance. Most of all you will then practice, practice, and practice fighting techniques until they become second nature. A great way to practice these techniques is by sparring, which is also an amazing way to keep you fit. You will see in no time at all how you can train the human body to do almost anything you put your mind to. Take a look at Resources page for the best Gyms, clubs and classes in the UK.

A great advantage MMA offers to the modern world is getting you out of your bubble and allowing you to mix with real people. Social interaction can be a great help for anyone suffering from anxiety and depression. We understand it is hard to make that first step, but once you do you will never look back. How depressed do you think someone is after kicking the hell out of a leather bag for 30 mins? It is much better getting out all that built up stress, instead of keeping it all locked in and letting negativity take over. However, if you are not quite ready to join a club yet, maybe get yourself a bag and some gloves. 

 Try it out at home, a few punches and kicks to get started and you can always find resources online.


The Annual Bullying Survey 2017

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